master in architecture

TIMELESS LIFESTYLE - austin, tx, usa
 2016 | Professor Matt Fajkus, UTSoA 
idea + parti
concept | suburbia house fissures
concept | family lifestyle study
mutable spaces | context study
site climatic regions study
default floor plan
mutable floor plan option 1
mutable floor plan option 2
living + kitchen
final presentation panel

For a residence in the Austin suburbia area, two main features were relevant to the design: the site and the program.


In terms of the program, - a house - the term itself was questioned for the lifestyle of these days. What does a house/home means for the family of the 21st century? Studies of family, houses and lifestyle development over the years were done in order to design; a house that suits and can be changed over time. Because of that, the project intention is to create changeable spaces in order to challenge today’s way of designing a house, plus, to adapt to the course of development of a family and lifestyle. A simple architecture that can be adaptable to the user’s lifestyle. Three main issues will be taken into account do this: user’s spaces control, comfortability and adaptability over time.

Due to the site’s amazing diverse nature, the idea in spaces is to reflect the dynamic yet calm nature of the diverse site with spaces that could change by their own state as a mutable architecture that simulates and reflects its surroundings. To scatter the structure forms will be the site system chosen, that will explore the lot spaces, which are linked by common spaces. From the streets, down to the stream where the temperature and spaces change dramatically, the circulation of this change will be a sectional of the site itself.


With the mix of the exploration of the site and changeable spaces - due to its changeability in its environment and specific program use – this project will reflect the today’s family lifestyle: a diverse and dynamic one, a timeless lifestyle.

-- note: the design shown on this website was modified after the final presentation on spring 2016, however, the concept and the idea remained.


2016 Spring | Professor Matt Fajkus studio, UTSoA 


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