NATURE'S BLOOD - tacumbú quarry, py 
2009 | Professor Christian Ceuppens Design II class. UCA

cantera de tacumbú, paraguay

at night = blood emerges
daylight | mirrors = reflection
twilight | transition to blood

Make a call in terms of the nature’s resources limitations. The case is the abandonm of the quarry by extreme explotation, due to the cessation of natural materials available. Consequently, today there is only testimony of a former quarry with a rainwater lake with insecure surroundings.


The suggested artistic project for this place will have two phases. Day and night.


During the day, mirrors around the perimeter of the quarry will reflect the actual landscape; the exploitations and abandonment.


At night, lights will narrate a metaphor: they will emerge from inside of the rocks. These colors have been chosen because of the symbolism they reflect in a suffering situation; as blood, hemorrage.


2009 Fall | Professor Christian Ceuppens Design II class. UCA

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