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FILL THE GAP - london, england
 2016 | Professor Simon Atkinson + Edna Ledesma, UTSoA 
train platform level
module concept
floor plans
Train Station Axonometry
people platform level
urban park

Clapham Junction is the busiest railway interchange in London and proclaims to be “Britain’s busiest railway station”. However, it behaves a barrier rather a connection for the community. Regardless of today’s issues, it has potential in terms of opportunity and innovation, not only for the immediate surrounding area but for the whole London.

The idea is to rethink this space as a destination space without eliminating the interexchange function, plus, improving the existing circulation flow and spaces; a completely redesign Clapham Junction train station for 21st Century lifestyle demands.

The design is intended to achieve these goals with an introduction of vertical element modules in existing train platforms. These verticals elements will be versatile as their features will change depending on location. They will provide circulation and structural attributes, as well as commercial programs, and weather protection. The modules are connected by a human platform, that will be above the current train lines; it will cooperate with the flow efficiency, plus, the development of programs.

With the new train station redesign, we manage to bring people into it, however, we want people to go out of the train station and explore what is happening beyond this dynamic platform. At the city level, variations vertical elements will be spreading out to create social spaces; hard surfaces parks, playground, fountains, bus stops, or neighbor gathering spaces. These modules will improve the sense of character and pride for this sector of the city, and create a new sector of the city of London.; filling the gap.


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