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MYSTICAL FATE - roque brune cap martin, france
 2015 | Professor Wilfried Wang, UTSoA
entrance view
light timeline
1929 photograph
photo analysis
1970 photograph
axo of parts
living room exterior

Examining at the 1929 Eileen Gray’s E.1027 studio room photograph from the L’Architecture Vivante Maison en Bord de Mer magazine, the suspended ceiling light is one of the first elements that captures the viewer’s attention. It conveys a unique essential atmosphere character to the studio room; today’s missing piece in the latest Villa’s restoration. Originally located above the drawing table, one of the studio room most interesting and mysterious features due to the original final design intentions and its unknown fate. 


The research intention is to reproduce a suspended ceiling light that respect the number of intentions of Eileen Gray; that was traced from evidence and the room atmosphere impression.  In order to make a case for its reproduction, valuable information and evidence of suspended ceiling light have been collected during the seminar: original dimensions, materials, color, structural behavior, electrical fixtures, photographs, similar artifacts/furniture and French-English translation correction description of the 1929 L’Architecture Vivante Maison en Bord de Mer magazine's 2006 reprint edition. As a result, one version out of four was carefully chosen by a review of important design tangible and intangible issues. Besides of evidences taken into account, it was important to think how the suspended light fixture characteristics behaves in space, the sensation that it gives to the overall room and what it’s achieving – especially in its first 50 years of life when it hasn’t showed changes - . Its sense of lightweight, slim and levitation presence on the 1929 were critical to the atmosphere as a layer of room presence. 


Eileen Gray’s works and thinking towards modernity placed her as a pioneer and a revolutionist; and this light fixture is the testimony of it.



- Warbach Lightning & Design - Austin, Texas - U.S.A. |

- Hoidn Wang Partners - Berlín, Germany | www.

- Claudia Devaux - devausx&devaux architects - Paris, France |

- Tim Benton - Roquebrune Cap Martin, France

-Material Lab - School of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin - USA | www.


2015 Fall | Professor Wilfried Wang's E.1027 Layered Atmospheres: color, materials, fitted and loose furniture seminar. UTSoA 



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