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BER[LINk]- berlin, germany
 2017 | Professor Barbara Hoidn, UTSoA 
section Karl Marx Allee
section through 3 neighbors
section through recreationa neighbor
south block
middle block
north block
Karl Marx Allee renovation

BER[LINk] is an idea to link disparate parts of the city back together.

The link will connect what is currently a lifeless zone in the city center to other nearby parts such as Unter den Linden and Museum Island, thereby adding layers to the experience of former East Berlin and the city as a whole.

We propose to do this by inserting a field of voids that elevate the social aspects of the pedestrian experience by connecting a beloved city park to the river Spree, using nature and art as a basis for shared values. In exchange for this series of large and more charged public spaces, we are increasing the density within the blocks behind Karl Marx Allee. The meandering linear park acts as an overlay to the existing monumentality, and seeks to elevate the collective urban experience. 

authors: viviana andrada baumann + theresa cascio + andrea manrique


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