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2014 | final project graduation thesis UCA


c.r.e.t., paraguay

The project design objective is an alternative architectural design construction system. Primarily it's designed for the hippo therapy rehabilitation center at the Paraguayan army forces. This design can also be used for other public programs in the paraguayan territory. It's a new alternative design for the Paraguayan construction territory; a mix between the vernacular construction and the modern construction that creates an innovation in terms of constructing style and design for public programs. Some of the most important benefits in this alternative construction system are: a design innovation for the paraguayan modern style as a national identity, an almost no-waste and economy during the construction process (approx. 50% lower than similar cheapest constructions).


2014 | final project graduation thesis UCA

authors: viviana andrada baumann + guido rauddi panizza

mentor: architect javier corvalán

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